10 Secrets to Sales Success

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In just the past few years, the eCommerce space has developed by such leaps and bounds that online retailers now have countless tools at their disposal to streamline the process for consumers, allowing them to remain competitive in the face of a wildly growing industry. Among the most popular resources for eCommerce sites is Shopify. Since its founding in , the company has created increasingly sophisticated software designed specifically with online retailers in mind.

Before you launch your eCommerce site or take it to the next level, you might want to take action to prepare for maximum impact.

5 Secrets of Successful Salespeople

Be sure to know where to find them and how to get them talking about your business. You might want to consider a referral marketing program to build buzz or more traditional forms of advertising. Perform tons of research: Rather than rushing into a site launch, take the time you need to gather preliminary information that will help you in the long run. For instance, split testing with various advertisements and site designs can help fine-tune your approach.

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Once optimization is in place, visitors to your site will have a better understanding of what your business is about and why they should buy from you. Smartphones and tablets are the way of the future, and your site should feature streamlined layouts tailored to each of these formats. A clear menu system is a must-have, as is a search box. Include detailed product descriptions and original photos to help users get a better sense of what you have to offer.

Support your customers: No matter how well-crafted your site is, customer service issues are bound to come up.

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Be sure to have scalable processes — and enough team members — in place to handle any problems that might arise. In addition, allow your customers to be heard by including the ability for them to write reviews and testimonials on your site. Starting up a new site or giving an existing one such a deep overhaul is bound to be fraught with complexities. Early on, begin with a straightforward service like Google Analytics and gradually build out from there.

Be comprehensive: Performance testing is designed to ensure a consistent experience for users through all facets of your business. Blogging : While content marketing has continued to evolve, blogs remain among the most popular forms of content out there. Articles on topics related to your business help demonstrate your knowledge and authority, and the inclusion of outbound links only perpetuates the goals of awareness and respectability.

However, bringing in exclusive interviews with people within your business, customers or other professionals, can make your business more personal and help spread the word about your company, since interviewees will naturally help promote it. How to relax when selling.

The third thing I would say is listen. Let the potential client talk, let them tell you what their needs are. I like that, LAB.


10 Secrets to a Successful Sales Meeting | Mark Hunter

Is it a skill that maybe should be taught explicitly in schools? Do we have enough sales skills in general? Should sales be taught? MARK: [] Okay. So in terms of what might be taught there versus what we just learned and inherently pick up day-to-day, I guess it would really be around the intention of our communication, is that right? So that we may persuade and we may communicate on a day-to-day basis but actually to be a sales person, to be selling, you have to have a certain intention behind that communication.

But in order to find the right client you have to understand that you may need to knock on 10 doors to get one, you may need to understand that that client may not have the need at the moment so now may not be the time. MARK: Yeah. So that goes back to taking the time to listen and learn and understand someone and kind of build that friendship, that relationship. MARK: Right.

10 Secrets of Top Sales Performers

Have you got any tips for that? Introduce yourself, put out your handshake, shake their hand and introduce yourself, and that starts the conversation. So maybe public speaking is a way to introduce your product to a room full of people. MARK: Excellent. So if you do talk to someone, reach out and say look. MARK: Right, absolutely. Have you got any advice on how people can get over that and ask for the business?

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A sales proposal. I met my wife back in and I was going to a sales meeting at the time. I was driving up the road and my mother rang. I never answer the phone in the car but I make exceptions for my mother, and she was looking for something sweet in the bakery, and sure enough, close by was a bakery. I called her over and I asked for a pen and a piece of paper.

So there are a lot of good tips in that story. You know to me LinkedIn seems like an obvious social network but you may have thoughts on others as well? Social media and sales. Well you know your connections and your profile online can be your influence in your environment. Really I would say if you use it right as well, a lot of people can use LinkedIn for lead generation, which it is a good starting point.

How the best B2B sales professionals find and close more deals

So a lot of people use it to do background checks I think, and research. LinkedIn himself, five tips to enhance your profile, or five mistakes that beginners make actually, and then how to resolve them. Event Sponsorship Sales. MARK: So what it is, is around event sponsorship. So sponsorship sales for events is a very specific skillset, it often has long lead times and quite big contract values. What would your advice be to event organisers looking to land their first big sponsor?