How to be a Merry Widow

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Although there have been times when I would have given the rest of my life for five minutes in his arms, there is a positive side to being single again and losing a husband sometimes means finding oneself.

How to be a merry widow

I was very much inspired by the book and found I could relate to almost every page. I am approaching the two year mark and have experienced all the ups and downs. Now feeling more confident and positive, I am constantly testing myself, and those around me, to tackle new challenges and experiences that I never thought I would have to.

I realise that sitting at home, feeling sorry myself even though it happens from time to time is a pointless waste of time. There is a new adventure round every corner.

So on with the next chapter of my life — many thanks for your encouragement. COM by Mary Rogers. At the Pontevedrian embassy in Paris , a gala party is in progress, yet worry is the mood of the day.

The young Pontevedrian widow, Hanna Glawari, has it in her power to bankrupt the nation. If she chooses to marry a Frenchman, Pontevedro will lose her fortune. In desperation the envoy, Baron Zeta, attempts to persuade his countryman Count Danilo to marry Hanna before it is too late. In fact, Hanna and Danilo had once been sweethearts, but his family had rejected her because she was then poor.

Now that she is rich, he does not want to court her just for money. Meanwhile, Zeta, though he does not know it, has romantic problems of his own. At her Parisian home, Hanna hosts a party, complete with Pontevedrian folk dancers and singers.

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The men of the embassy are still worried about her potential marriage plans. In a lively discussion, they agree that they will never understand women. Hanna and Danilo jest about romance, denying their mutual feelings.

merry widow

Zeta, spying on them through a keyhole, is enraged. When Hanna and Camille emerge from the summerhouse, they pretend to be engaged.

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Hanna reveals to him the secret of the summerhouse, and at last they confess their mutual love. His fears are calmed when he sees the words Valencienne had written on the fan.

With the two happy couples reunited, Pontevedrians and French alike reflect again on the challenge of understanding women. You are using an outdated browser.


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The Merry Widow | operetta by Lehár |

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