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Other than that, it was pretty fast paced and easy to read. Mar 26, Annie Kaye rated it liked it Shelves: library-finds.

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When I saw this book at the library I was attracted to it by the vintage cover art, and the front flap sounded pretty funny. Overall I enjoyed the book, if I did have to suspend my disbelief at times about all the boyfriends Amelia'd had over the years and what they'd become. It felt a lot like Sex and the City meets Dublin, Ireland, right down to when Amelia strikes a refrain that echoes a Charlotte York line almost verbatim: "I've been dating since I was fifteen.

I'm exhausted! Where is he? Mar 01, Sirena rated it liked it. Could barely get thru it. I was hoping I might learn why I'm still single haha. All my ex's except 3 are unmarried or not in happy relationships so clearly I'm not the problem. I didn't think Amelia was the problem either. Ending could've been better. Nov 01, Meghan Ralph rated it it was ok. Fun read but felt as if something was lacking. I really adored this lovely tale of finding true love! Review to come :. Jan 11, Kristina rated it really liked it Shelves: action-adventure , fictional-romance , mystery , fiction , humor.

Classic British humor and writing. It was great. It had humor, shake your head embarrassingly moments, and hope that love is around the corner. Amelia, a tv producer, is on a journey to get married within the year. She is over 35 so no time like the now. She joins a class that can guarantee just that promise.

She has to go back into her ex-past and discover why tho Classic British humor and writing. And the stories that come about those relationships? Whoo boy. I would never want to date again.

You Are Enough: If You Think You Need A Man, You Need To Be Single

But the stories are hilarious and so sad at the same time. I can actually see these scenarios happen too. How they all come together for each other and help through this muddled life we all live. The story ends with some sort of empowerment for her which I was glad to see for her. Read this in English! It was a very nice holiday read, read most of in on the train ride to Tampere, it was so nice to dive into the book and read in peace! It was about Amelia who is still single at 37, and desperate to get married.

She has a close circle of friends and a nice job, but the spouse is missing. That's why she attends a course that claims that she'll be married at the end of the year if she can do her homework on these classes. That means she has to contact her exes She does tha Read this in English!

She does that and learns about relationships and herself on the way. The ending wasn't predictable and I liked the characters! But it feels like it ended too soon, is there a sequel to this? I hope so! But something is missing from her life. What is that you say? A husband! This is another enjoyable read from Ms Carroll. Feb 25, Ema rated it really liked it. Thankfully, it ends with her being strong enough to stand on her own two feet with the support of her friends, and that was very lovely.

gentechire.tk Aug 04, Liz Erdmann rated it it was ok. Don't get me started on all the spelling and grammatical issues. But really, it was just poor and hasty editing. She must have been pushed for a deadline between the slapdash ending of the book and the editing. OMG, this book is so generic that I had read it before and didn't even realize it until Goodreads pointed that fact out to me, as I was getting ready to write this review.

It didn't even feel familiar enough as I read it that I noticed. Nov 05, Deepa Duraisamy rated it did not like it. Save your time.

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Somehow read pages. Didn't take me that long to realize but I kept going thinking maybe the plot will pick up and the story will get more interesting. Finally chucking it. That being said, the humor at times is funny. Aug 31, Kelsey Banks rated it really liked it. As chick lit goes I quite enjoyed this. Oct 30, Lori rated it really liked it. Chick lit light but good. Oct 30, Jaclyn rated it it was ok.

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Aug 03, Marypi rated it really liked it Shelves: romance. It felt very Sex and The City, and that's something I appreciate. Besides, I always like a funny true love tale. Nov 30, Margaret rated it liked it. Even though this one has similarities r best friends, one especially sweet, one especially caustic, one looking for the right guy, and one over the top gay guy friend , a career in television, and the dreaded text slang, what pushed this book up to three stars was the ending.

Not the predictable ending I was expecting but very satisfying. Thirty-seven year old Amelia has had several relationships and her latest one of three years looked to be the one that would take her to the alter, but when her guy says he doesn't want to be married to her or anyone else and it is time to cut loose, Amelia decides it is time to make a change.

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How to Find a Husband over the Age of Thirty-Five is a night course offered by a well-seasoned, saucy woman who guarantees that those who stick with the course will end up happily married. The catch is that the course assignments must be followed to the letter, and one of those is to contact every man she ever dated and find out just why the relationship failed in order to stop repeating the same mistakes which inevitably lead to more failed relationships.

That was funny to a point but it did drag on. Amelia went all the way back to high school to examine her men and came up with a list of 10 to contact. Finding out that the guys she "loved" back then were now a monk, a cheating husband, a mental patient Enter her TV boss. And here is where I exit the summary.

I'm glad I gave Carroll a second chance, but I would like to read something that brings in some new personalities in the characters. I have already met the four best friends and the boss Sep 06, Melinda rated it it was ok Shelves: fiction , could-be-better , romance , chick-lit.

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What did I just read?! It wasn't awful but it wasn't amazing. I quite like the retro cover of the book and Ira, but that is about it that I enjoyed about this book.

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  4. We are introduced to 4 characters, who talk about their lives like the Dublin version of the main Sex and the City characters. On the surface, it appears that Amelia's friends have it all, love, success, adventures and fun. But in reality, everyone is flawed. Perfect Charlotte I mean Caroline, isn't entirely happy with h What did I just read?! I don't really like her.