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The full moon is March Travel deep within yourself to the power of your divine light. Join together with thousands of others in our global community as we continue to weave a strong and radiant light throughout and deep within the earth. This weaving holds all of life in love as the fabric of reality of unhealthy conditions continues to unravel.

Together we dream into being a life of true health and harmony. In the instructions for our monthly full moon I had added a healing ceremony for our global community. I added this many years ago. I realize that in the past year or so I have not been encouraging us to continue this work. As I hear from so many people who are on a spiritual path I am hearing more and more of how many are being challenged on a physical level. For as we learn to create more harmony in our lives our physical bodies must shift and align with the new frequencies.

Sometimes we experience a level of disharmony in our health before we can rebalance and realign with new energies that are flowing.

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Years ago I had written how on the full moon we can do a transfiguration ceremony for everyone in our circle. On the full moon as we continue to create a human web of light also see yourself taking turns of lying in the middle of a giant global circle. When you are in the middle allow yourself to absorb the light and love being radiated by those in the outer circle.

And then at some point move into the outer circle radiating divine light and unconditional love to those lying within. Allow this movement of going into the middle and being in the outer circle to flow with ease. We can join together to strengthen all of us as we move through life. There are going to be times we find ourselves riding down smooth waters and enjoying the ride. And there will be times when we enter into the turbulent waters. This is life and being part of nature. We can be a true support to each of us as we ride through the river of life.

It is hard for me to believe that we are welcoming in the equinox and the change to spring or fall depending on where you live. I cannot believe how fast time is moving! I do believe that the times we live in call for all of us to view reality in a different way.


We have been working together to break out of collective beliefs that keep us so tied to only looking at the material world around us. In spiritual teachings it is understood that there is a web of life that connects us all. It is important to find ways to honor the plants and trees where you live that support life. And it is important to honor the animals, insects, birds, rocks, etc. The more we can respect nature the more nature respects us.

This goes back to the principle of reciprocity in shamanism.

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On the equinox honor the living beings where you live. Leave an offering for the spirits.


Hold your intention that this offering is a way to express gratitude for earth, air, water, and fire the sun , which give you life. Give gratitude to all the living beings that live in your area. You might wish to add giving gratitude for the helping ancestral spirits where you live and also your personal ancestors who gave you life. You can also give thanks to the spirit of the land, the hidden folk, your own helping spirits.


It does not matter if you live in a city or in a rural area. You can find places in nature where you can give your offerings. I leave blue corn meal as an offering as blue corn meal has deep meaning for me. You can leave a bit of your favorite food, flowers, water, your favorite drink, etc. The key is your intention to give gratitude versus what you leave as an offering. Nature reads your heart not your mind. During a meditation or a shamanic journey connect with the spirit of the land where you live. If you do this as a meditation put on some expansive music and hold the intention that you want to meet the spirit of the land.

If you do this as a shamanic journey hold the same intention as you travel into the invisible realms. Ask the spirit of the land how you can make shifts in your life so that you are living in harmony with nature. Ask for guidance of how to improve your life. I did not feel like Santa Fe was my home and although I worked a few jobs I could not support myself. I finally journeyed to the spirit of Santa Fe and asked for guidance.

The spirit of Santa Fe showed herself to me as a beautiful goddess, and she became my teacher in my journeys for many years. She gave me five things to do. I followed all of her advice, and it was amazing how my life changed and how all of a sudden everything I needed just began to flow. During the change in seasons it is wonderful to merge with the earth where you live. We have been doing this practice for many years. It is also good to connect with the spirit of the land. You will receive a wealth of information by learning how the earth is changing during the shift in seasons which is a reflection of how you are changing too.

And you can move into a place of harmony by connecting more and more with the spirit of the land. Let us join our hearts together to wish those of you in the Northern Hemisphere a joyous spring and for our circle in the Southern Hemisphere a deep and wonderful fall! It is published by Editions Vega. Recently I sent everyone on my email list a list of guidelines in finding a Soul Retrieval Training. This article is posted on the Articles Section of the homepage of this site. It can also be read on www.

In the West, we are addicted to methods and techniques, but methods and techniques have never healed anyone. Only love and light can create healing. When true shamans do their healing ceremonies, there is love, light, and a healing presence that shines through, and this presence creates true healing and transformation.

Tracking Karma is finding where you have made agreements good, bad and ugly, loving tender, and thoughtful. Heal, find the truth, offer and receive love, be gentle, honest and real when finding the clues that Karmic relationships offer us for releasing us from the past, into our present, and freeing us for moving into our future. The Voice of Clay is hosting this event series. For more info or to register: www. June , Saturday a.

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This is a powerful weekend of tracking your Soul. With love and respect, we travel through your senses discovering where in your body Karma is held or a piece of your soul is in need to return. From depression, confusion, unanswered yearnings, feelings of being incomplete, not belonging, on a subtle level or a profound block, knowing that you're just not being all that you are meant to be within your spirit and light.

This is sacred, holy, and precious work, tender doings of self-care and healing. This is a journey into you, to establish your wholeness, relief, and joy and to know you are right in feeling your feelings and in finding your way in expressing you. Lecture, conversations, journeys, journaling, and playing with energy as we explore love in the sacredness of your Soul.

Please contact Rev.

Payment may be made by cash or check to Sandra Harrick. Sandra will go into a full trance, bringing Sir Charles into the present time to converse and explore the many realms of your life.

Sandra Ingerman

This is a rare opportunity to interact with and to be in conversation with Spirit. Sir Charles has taught and lectured and has given private sessions with Sandra for over four decades and all across the world. Sandra Harrick's spiritual gifts are dedicated to awakening your soul, healing your spirit, and brightening your life. With her profound gifts of sight and insight, she has the innate ability to get right to the point. She supports you in healing the past, being clear in the present, and going after your future.