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Wie kommt es, dass ich diese nie bemerkt haben?! Du bist nicht so allein, wie du denkst. Wenn's mit Gleitmittel gleich viel besser geht. Lol LOL. Krista Torres. Pierre Michonneau.

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Jasmin Nahar. Hattie Soykan. Syd Robinson.

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These #BacktoSchoolComplaints Tweets from Parents and Students Will Make You LOL

Asia McLain. Also today is podcast day! When did raw chicken become a weapon of mass destruction disguised as meat? Perhaps we should revert back to the being as ignorant as shit and the lucky dip mode of living? Ps My daughter has the same issue with word pronunciation. This has made me laugh very loudly this morning. I may have even snorted. Great post Carly.

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  2. Linear to Zig Zag, Healing the Planet Human.
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Love it. I was seriously unsure there. I still remember learning the difference. I was reading one of The Series of Unfortunate Events novels as a kid.

Parent lesson #1: Find a better band

I think I was around 11 or 12…something like that. My mom told me the difference in the spelling and I felt like such an idiot. You totally nailed it! Growing up, I felt like my achievements were never enough. Coming here in the US made me realized being skilled is more important than being a professional!

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Kat Depner says: Posted on March 4, at pm. Ashley Atkins says: Posted on March 5, at am. Darcey says: Posted on March 5, at am. Ashli Ferguson says: Posted on March 5, at pm. GiGi Eats says: Posted on March 5, at pm. Angie says: Posted on March 5, at pm. Yonnah M says: Posted on March 5, at pm. This post is so funny. As a black woman I can relate to a lot in this post. DAnielle says: Posted on March 5, at pm.

Biblical Child Discipline - Part 2 (Should You Spank Your Children)

Mandy says: Posted on March 5, at pm. Haha, I would also leave this thought process behind. Jolie Starrett says: Posted on March 5, at pm. Neil Alvin Nicerio says: Posted on March 5, at pm.