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I take out a small bag of trash with me whenever I am shopping and toss it in the dumpsters on the way to the store. But one morning something was different. I noticed it from a distance— two bright yellow dumpsters replaced our be There is a notable accusation that the European Union is out of touch with its citizens, but take a look at the European programme, Wifi4EU, and I will prove it wrong.

What is WiFi4EU? Wifi4EU is a programme backed by million euros of European commission money, enabling free Wi-Fi zones t Seven years ago I returned to my country of birth, having lived in London and Scotland for 21 years. There are re It is a fact that many people say that Erasm The Inauguration of a New Era On the 1st of December , Thessaloniki welcomes its new Seafront and a new era for the city and its residents is initiated.

In my country, Bosnia and Herzegovina, war ceased after the signing of the Dayton Agreement in November During the devastation of the four-year war, many buildings, homes and houses were destroyed. Some houses were only damaged while others were completely destroyed. This meant that numerous f In the year Malta along with other European member states were involved in the CYPFIRE project which is a project that its purpose was to result with a natural barrier that suppresses forest fires. After several studies were commenced, the cypress trees were fit the best to reduce detrimental An unwanted legacy by Anna Georgescu.

I arrived at their door after travelling for nearly an hour along a route that snaked its way between hills. The journey left a smell of freshness and cleanliness in my car. My intention was to not cause too much bother; I was more interested in the story behind the project which had just ended aft The future's heritage by Ivana Turudic. After the heat lessened, we finally made up our minds and sat in the car. I asked my father if we could go to Kapela Dvor to visit an old manor that was once in ruins.

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My hometown is Virovitica, situated on the Croatian border, near Hungary. I watched through the window and there it was, a familiar Follow the link, come with me I will take you on a narrative tour introducing to you 5 individual characters you can identify with and showing you how in each case their life can be improved by innovative EU co-financed projects of the Interreg South Baltic cooperation programme. Focus on Marina THE H One crisis after another — and the EU is far-removed from the people.

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Training for small and micro business operators in Latvia for the development of innovation and digital technology by NoveltyKnowledgeBrainwave. The application of information and communica What makes us human? The role of language in defining the human es This workshop, aimed at small infants, is one of a kind. Public read These perso In addition to that on the 27th of April , Malta hosted the annual Interreg conference an event hosted by After three years of collaborative work between fifteen organizations companies, associations, public bodies and research centres SmartReFlex is over.

However, considering that is a publicly co-funded project by Eur The Grey to Green secret — a subtle EU project by albawhitewolf. The first time I encountered the Grey to Green Scheme in Sheffield City Centre, I was cycling to a temporary art exhibition being displayed in a converted warehouse in Kelham Island, part of the old industrial area. I remarked upon the considered aesthetic design and vibrant planting with a pleasan Elizabeth shares her insights from working in both the fossil fuel and renewable energy sectors and reveals how economic uncertainty can inhibit the transition to a more sustainable future.

What is the next optimum move in Healthcare? Connected Health by Gemma Watts. What is Connected Health? Connected Health is a proactive model that utilises technology to ensure the appropriate information is in the right place at the right time. The patient is at centre of the process and healthcare is delivered to the patient by the most suitable route by connecting all the Transcending consciousness through music by Marie Sabiani.

Certain external elements help us to forge an identity and to change our awareness. In this particular case, the music from European Social Sound will be the element, and I have learned an enormous amount from it. I know that both this and future generations will see a growing interest in this art f Hydrogen buses: zero emissions, many benefits by Janusz Mizerny. More and more cities are looking to buy electric or hybrid buses, and quite rightly so, as they will help reduce pollution and CO2 emissions.

But in the near future, we may also see zero-emission hydrogen buses on the streets. Will they be the future of public transport? Focus on cultural ecosystem services in cities: spatial patterns of perception, values and benefits by Emily Rall and Dagmar Haase. Cultural services, such as recreation, experiencing and learning about nature, and opportunities for social encounters, belong to some of the most important ecosystem services in cities.

These services are of great importance for the quality of life of urban residents — not only by way of comp Systematic approaches comparing cities to living beings are not a new concept. Patrick Geddes [2] made this association as early as the start of the 20th Century, innovatively observing that cities evo Ecosystem services decanted: Wine regions as multi-functional areas by Klara J. The ecosystem service concept helps identify the many different services of different ecosystems and different types of land use. In science, the multi-functional nature of the countryside is also spoken about: that the countryside can have a variety of functions.

Usually when we see fields or other There is opportunity for the emerging wine industry of Sussex to influence the very climate it relies on by increasing its use of climate-friendly production practices. To do so, the Sussex wine industry can learn from global climate-friendly wine pioneers who can share best practices and their b Surf, seagrass, and sustainable sands by Kim Nicholas. The island of Mallorca sits km off the coast of Spain, a scenic eight-hour boat cruise from Barcelona, in the middle of the sparkling Mediterranean.

Each year more than eight million tourists flock here, outnumbering the local residents more than ten to one, to enjoy the clean water and sandy bea They were victims of a poli It has about inhabitants and is one of the cities still fighting to overcome its industrial past. Over the past two years, Oberhausen has often served as an example of a German city coping with the influx of MamaPan, the bakery that employs mothers with many children or single mothers by Irina Bartolomeu.

FACTUM 19 Fashion Communication Conference, Ascona, Switzerland, July 21-26, 12222

Through their business, social enterprises solve social problems of the community, the main beneficiaries being the unemployed, people who live alone or people who need to provide for a large family, as well as disabled people. The Region of Western Macedonia is going to receive, as an initial step, another EUR 8 million to make further progress with the restoration works at the M.

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As the traffic lights change to green, a long line of children on their bikes accompanied by adults wearing reflective safety vests crosses the road. It is the bike train. A form of accompanied school travel that promotes sustainable mobility, daily exercise, and trains children to become independen Storytelling and EU projects Storytelling training for Winners.

Digital safety: Why society needs to get smarter about smartphones Safer Internet Day Tips for parents and teachers Are Irish people becoming addicted to their smartphones? Which countries get the most value for money out of Netflix? ALL How can a technical graduate programme help your soft skills? Check out the best of Researchfest The town of Amatrice following the recent Italian earthquake.

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Sounds good! Interaction, crossover, exchange and experimentation are the key concepts that the foundation intends to convey, in part through this new logo, which will be progressively inserted into all future forms of communication. The new logo for the Fondazione Ermanno Casoli was conceived and created by Giandomenico Carpentieri, graphic designer and art director, with the collaboration of Maddalena Salerno, production and project manager. The initiative, in line with the commitment of the Fondazione Ermanno Casoli to foster the dialogue between art and industry, is organized by Marcello Smarrelli, art director of the foundation, and carried out with the collaboration of Giovanni Boano, a specialist in managerial training and partner of the Hic et Nunc company, and enjoys the patronage of MiBAC, the Ministry for the Cultural Heritage and Activities.

For the occasion Tadiello is proposing a project that aims at the creation of sound elements as a basis and stimulus for cooperation between the participants. All those taking part will receive a variety of materials which they will have to use to invent instruments, exploiting very simple working mechanisms such as rotation and friction to generate sound or noise.

At the end of the day, Giovanni Boano will guide the participants in interpreting what they have learned from their experience in practical terms of organization, translating the metaphors of contemporary art into modes of behaviour that can be applied in the business context.

ETTORE MAJORANA, a permanent outdoor artwork by CLAIRE FONTAINE

As Giorgio Cavalleri, Sr. Tuesday, 17 April On the occasion of the 51st edition of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile Milan, 17 — 22 April , Elica and the Ermanno Casoli Foundation will be presenting Aspiranti Aspiratori , a solo exhibition by the artist Sissi, staged at the Elica AirFactory in the Brera district and open to the public until 19 May The idea for Aspiranti Aspiratori stems from the need of the company, world leader in the production of cooker hoods for household use, to generate new reflections on the theme of air purification.

In line with her aptitude for renaming and classifying reality, Sissi began by formulating a new concept, Organindustry , from which came a methodology capable of enabling communication between art and industry. The artist is housed inside the factory, familiarises herself with the environment until making it at one with her body and fills it with content.

Then comes the start of an ongoing osmotic exchange between the company, transformed into the body of the artist, and the artist herself. Over the space of a year, Sissi produced drawings, collages, reflections and sculptures that contribute to the narration, with a mythological slant, of the birth of ten Aspiranti Aspiratori , ten prospective objects intended to purify the air.

Their genesis is told by an animated video entitled Casting , which will be shown at the exhibition. In accordance with the selection process that underlies the theories of evolution and that is applied in this case to the machines, the artist has created three of the ten Aspiranti Aspiratori. The initiative is also documented on www. An enlightened entrepreneur, Francesco Casoli has also nursed a great passion for art that has led him over the years to back numerous cultural initiatives.

His involvement in the field of art as a patron began in with the establishment of the Premio Ermanno Casoli and he has been constant in his support for the activity of the foundation of the same name, set up in with the aim of promoting an active dialogue between art and industry and which has since become a point of reference on this theme in Italy. This year it is dedicated to Children, the citizens of tomorrow, and to Beauty. The project, now being staged for the eighth year in succession, focuses its attention on the quality and value of culture, attracting the interest of eminent scholars and figures in our country.

The event, centred on the role of commissioning, is characterized by the creation of an ever closer dialogue between institutions and the private sphere.

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This year too museums, foundations, associations, municipalities and companies have been invited to take part in four days from 1 to 4 March devoted to art, design, exhibitions, meetings and performances. The meeting will analyse examples, possibilities and strategies that link enterprise and culture in a synergic and fruitful relationship. In particular, the seminar will look at themes connected with the positive effects that culture can have on businesses, bringing benefits for production, for human resources and for the work environment as a whole.

More and more companies are choosing to work with the foundation.

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For enterprises, in fact, art functions as an antenna ready to pick up signals of innovation and represents a strong stimulus to finding new solutions for crucial questions that concern the business world. The initiative is being staged as part of the FEC Lectures, a programme of lectures, seminars and meetings set up by the foundation. The conversation with Adelita Husni-Bey will centre on the fundamental elements that make up her work, which focuses on investigating the relations between art, society, politics, education, territories and history.

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Utilizing a variety of media, such as drawing, painting and video, the artist embarks on narrations that embraceboth collective history and individual stories, superimposingmemories, tales and accounts. This meetingis intended to provide an opportunity for discussionon the useful role that contemporary art can play in times of crisis, ascatalyst of a processof participation that helps to create new scenarios and find new solutions. The debate will also turn on the concepts of consumption and production, not justfrom the viewpoint of economicsbut alsoas fundamental parts of the life of the community, from the consumption of oxygen to the production of ideas.

The commitment of the Fondazione Ermanno Casoli to fostering an active dialogue between art and industry continues with a new training programme that involves thirty members of staff of the company MSD Italia — the Italian subsidiary of the American pharmaceutical company Merck — and three artists of international standing: Tomaso De Luca, Margherita Moscardini and Alberto Tadiello. In this connection, it is the participants who are expected to assess their own training needs, with the help and support of their manager and the Training department.

Thanks to the collaboration with Hic et Nunc and the Fondazione Ermanno Casoli we are able to offer an absorbing and enjoyable educational experience, and one that is easy to put into practice.